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Periodontal Disease

By the age of 15, 4 out of 5 Americans are affected by gingivitis, the earliest stage of Periodontal Disease, an infection of the teeth, gums and bone. Periodontal disease is rarely painful in the early stages and most people are unaware of it when they could be doing most about it.

Periodontal Disease is caused chiefly by plaque, the invisible accumulation of sticky food and bacteria on the teeth. Unless it is constantly removed by flossing and brushing, plaque mineralizes into tarter, the hardened film on which periodontal bacteria thrive, especially on the root surfaces under the gums. Periodontal bacteria produce toxins that destroy the bone surrounding the tooth.

It is important to catch Periodondal Disease early.

In addition to x-rays, our dental exam includes probing the pockets around the teeth.

Pockets deeper than 3 mm indicate the need for preventive therapy.

Other warning signs: bone loss or tarter on x-rays; bleeding, red, or swollen gums.

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